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This art series deals with emergence on many different levels. On a personal level, I am emerging from chronic illness, from loss of vision, and from the death of my sister.

Artistically, this series has evolved from two previous ones: “Neurotheology” and “Thoughts from Under a Rock.” In these previous works neuronal drawings were subtracted from the background color, revealing deeper layers of underlying art works, photographs, underlying thoughts and memories. The images were photographic works that I had previously shown in art exhibits internationally.The neuronal arborizations reveal underlying artistic processes, artistic memories and creative thoughts. From neuronal complexity, thoughts, words and philosophy emerge.

In “Emergence”, all of the selected pieces have had the design elements, compositional details, dimensions, and colors significantly modified and changed.

Most importantly, in each piece, my own MRI brain scan images, and my own electroencephalogram (EEG, brain wave) tracings are now incorporated. The scans and tracings appear in multiple different locations in each art work.

The MRI and EEG elements are very subtly present, difficult to find, but discoverable. They have been ethereally blended into the background, and emerge into visual appreciation only when actively pursued.

These art works have themselves emerged from my own brain’s structural organization, from my own brain’s electrical activity.

“Emergence” series consists of 18 pieces. Twelve are 20 by 24 inches in size, and eight are 20 by 46 inches. They were printed using Hewlett-Packard archival quality pigmented inks. All are archival quality prints on 100% cotton, acid free paper.