Investigations of the Thought Process

From 1989 through 1993 I concentrated my creative abilities on trying to find causes and cures for neurologic diseases. These efforts lead to a large number of research grants and publications along with significant advances in treating autism, Rett syndrome and Alzeheimer’s Disease. Starting in 1994 I converted these publications into works of art in the form of limited edition signed prints. From conception of a thought about thinking — to a process and investigation — to a result — to a thoughtful description and summary of conclusions — to a publication — to a work of “thought art”. This series of works has continued until the present for a total number of 25.

The images in the catalogue are only the front page of each article. For display purposes, the entire article is matted and exhibited.

The premier showing of this series of works took place at Name Gallry, Chicago, as part of the “Life-Size” exhibit, curated by Michael Hall, October 18 thorugh November 16, 1996.