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The five pieces of the Metamorphosis series arose from Symphonic Thoughts. Originally, the music-laden electroencephalograms were starkly evident as five horizontal elements in each piece, encrusted with barbs from barbed wire. These elements were taken from the realm of visual imposition, into a much more subtle and background effect, such that their presence is barely visible. This is in keeping with my own thought processes. They are taking place continuously, electroencephalographic activity is non-stop, yet when looking at me, none of this is visible. Thus, in Metamorphosis, my own brain’s electrical activity, and structural components (MRI scans of my own brain) have become hidden elements.

The title Metamorphosis refers to two different concepts. A previous series of art works was metamorphosed into another. The writings of Franz Kafka have had a great impact on me and my art work. The title also refers to the metamorphosis that Gregor Samsa underwent, and all of the philosophical and societal implications that flow from it.

The large-scale prints on canvas (5 x 12 feet in size) were printed using pigmented inks and are of archival quality. The series was also issued as archival quality prints on paper, 20 x 46 inches in size, in an edition size of 20.