Siberia Souls II

In 2011, I organized a year-long program to commemorate the victims of Stalin’s atrocities. This museum program took place in Chicago. Details concerning this very successful exhibit and program can be found on the website.

The over-arching purpose of the investment of two years of my life, and a considerable amount of financial resources, was to educate the general public about the horrific events that took place in Eastern Europe. The general US public, although fully knowledgeable about Hitler, has no awareness of Stalin’s atrocities, which far out-did Hitler’s in number and ferociousness.

If one forgets history, it will repeat itself.

That is exactly what is taking place now. Demagoguery is ascendant.

I decided to re-visit my work with Siberian deportations and created a new series of pieces dealing with the human consequences of governmental dictatorial atrocities. These images were taken by photographing my color-changing Siberia Souls light sculptures. Incorporated into each piece are photographs and letters that were sent from Siberia.

This series is a continuing reminder that the atrocities of the past can, and will, be repeated, if ignorance dominates.

All of these pieces are archival quality prints on 24-inch-wide paper. These limited-edition prints were made in 2018.