Sybil Triptych

Archival-quality prints using pigmented inks on acid-free, cotton paper, are once again available for purchase. Please visit Artybytes

This sequence deals with the famous Sybil who had dissociative identity disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder). Besides a book detailing the struggles of her life, two major Hollywood motion pictures (1976 and 2007) were made about her.

In 1980 I visited her home in rural Minnesota and photographed it at night. I interwove the image into this triptych. In its many layers of composition, these pieces parallel the complexity of the human mind, especially of one that is overlapping in identities.

Earlier this year one of these pieces was on the front cover of Seizure magazine–the premier European epilepsy journal.

All of these pieces are archival quality prints on 24 x 24 inch paper, with the images being 20 x 20 inches. These limited-edition prints were made in 2018.