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There was absolutely no choice. In early February, I simply had to make the pilgrimage to see the Michelangelo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This was an artistic, and almost a religious, pilgrimage.

I was stunned by the entire exhibit. It was hard to believe the large volume of high quality work that Michelangelo produced.

What left the greatest impression on me was his preparatory sketch of the Libyan Sybil. This was eventually incorporated into the Sistine Chapel. This diminutive drawing, just a few inches in height, was used as the primary advertisement image for the exhibit—rightfully so.

I decided that I must expand the original Sybil series and incorporate Michelangelo’s five Sybils. 

 On a dark blue, night sky background, the Sybils are traversing time and space in generating their oracular insights. Their insights emerge from the vast webwork neuronal processes. These Sybils contemplate time and the source of our understandings on a cosmic scale. In the deep background, you will find original Sybil text citations in Greek–barely visible, but perceptible.

All of these pieces are archival quality prints on 24 x 24 inch paper, with the images being 20 x 20 inches. These limited-edition prints were made in 2018.