Samuel Beckett’s Malone / The Ghosts are Coming

During a family trip to the Rocky Mountains, in Colorado, I undertook an individual expedition to find the abandoned, gold-rush Lula City. What was left of the city had turned to swamp, into which I almost sank. On the way back to my family, I became totally lost and feared for my life. As the sun was setting, after several hours of panicked running through the overgrown, snow-covered forest, I found my way out. My four-year old daughter, Ausrine, who was waiting for me, when she heard of how I barely made it back said we should all “go away from here” as fast as possible because “the ghosts are coming.” The EEG tracing was done while I thought about Samuel Beckett’s Malone (1980). The musical score applied to this piece was from J. S. Bach’s Fantasia Cromatika.