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Thoughts From Under a Rock

Over 100 years ago, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a Spanish neuroanatomist published landmark studies about the neuronal fine structure of the human cerebral cortex. He discovered the neuronal nature of the brain, and defined it. For these accomplishments he was awarded the 1906 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine.

From neuronal complexity thoughts, words, and creativity emerge.

In these series of works, the underlying images are all previous photographic pieces that I have shown in exhibits across the United States, and internationally. Cajal’s drawings were modified, transformed and then superimposed and subtracted from the surrounding color, revealing deeper layers of underlying photographs. The neuronal arborizations divulge artistic memories, artistic processes and creative thoughts.

The serieses of works consists of large format digital prints on canvas (44 by 60 inches and 44 by 120 inches) and smaller works on paper (13 by 18 inches and 13 by 36 inches). The large format works were printed with an Epson 10,000 printer. For the smaller prints, an Epson Stylus Photo 2000P was used with Epson premium luster photo paper. All of the materials used, including inks, canvas, paper, and all mounting materials, were of the highest archival quality.

In 2004 the series Thoughts From Under a Rock was reissued using a Hewlett Packard 5500 plotter. Archival quality inks and canvas were used. The sizes of the pieces were increased to 54 X 72 inches, and 54 X 144 inches. This series is identifiable by the Roman numeral II following the title of each piece.