Lithuanian of the Week (Savaites lietuvis)

On Sunday, March 7, the Lithuanian national television program “Širdyje lietuvis” aired an interview with me during which I was declared “Lithuanian of the Week”. Quite an honor! In early December, Orijus Gasanovas with his […]

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Letters from Siberia now in Portuguese

Paulo Gomes is a 17-year-old high school student at the Jesuit-run Colegio Anchieta, in Porto Alegre, located in the southern most portion of Brazil. His primary interests are economics and history, and thus, quite naturally, […]

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Hypnotic trance: Libyan Sybil

A hypnotic trance is an altered state of attention, awareness, possibly of consciousness itself. The Sybils in general, and the Oracle at Delphi in particular, were famous for their divinatory-hypnotic trances throughout the ancient Mediterranean […]

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Third Marija Gimbutas Memorial Lecture: Mother Goddess

I am very pleased to announce that the Third Marija Gimbutas Memorial Lecture will be given by Professor Ruth Tringham of the University of California, Berkeley. The first two memorial lectures dealt with Marija’s Kurgan […]

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Interview about Marija Gimbutas

My outdoor installation “Thoughts of Ancient Burial Grounds”, detail,15 meters across, Quarry Hill Park, Rochester, Minnesota, 1981; Marija Gimbutas On January 26, I was interviewed by Agnė Kariūnaitė-Albright on Lithuanian National Radio’s “Pakeliui su klasika” […]

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Winter Solstice, Žiemos saulėgrįža

Stone Time Line, Grise Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic.  At noon, on the Summer Solstice, in  the most northerly settlement in North America, I placed seven stones in a line, each one at the […]

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Art videos for the autumn

Rimas Ribkevicius and Loreta (nee Plioplys) Brovkiene, 1 Birute Street, Virbalis, Lithuania This past month has been extremely busy. I traveled to Lithuania to speak at a neurology conference in Vilnius, and to attend my […]

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Neuroscience / creativity and the youth

Simply Neuroscience is an international organization dedicated to educating high school and college students about the neurosciences, from an interdisciplinary perspective. They have organized their first virtual conference which takes over the upcoming two weekends. […]

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Starving artist

When I graduated medical school, I knew that I was only going to do my internship at the University of Wisconsin hospitals in Madison, and then drop out of medicine entirely to do art. I […]

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Chicago Gallery News and The Spoken Word

Chicago Gallery News is the primary source of information regarding the visual arts in Chicago. Today, in their weekly email blast, they featured my installation The Spoken Word as their headline. This is quite an […]

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